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There are two types of sewer systems: storm water systems and sanitary sewers. Storm water systems or drains carry rainwater, ground water and road runoff water to an open body of water, such as streams, lakes and oceans. Sanitary sewers, however, carry wastewater from residential and commercial buildings to a treatment plant where the contaminants in the water can be removed.

Storm drains and sanitary drains have been installed separately to prevent cross contamination. In a residence, the home's sanitary drain system is connected to the city sewer by an underground pipe usually 4 to 6 inches in diameter, installed at a slope to use gravity for water flow.

The size of the home's sanitary drain piping is determined by the amount of flow possible and the type of waste material anticipated. For example, a bathroom sink usually has low volume and little if any solids in the water.

Equipped with various drain machines, locators and cameras we can identify, locate and solve all of your sanitary and storm drain issues. It is highly recommended that all sanitary building drains be inspected and augered annually for preventative maintenance.

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