How often should a furnace filter be changed?

When the seasons start to change, it means it is time to change your furnace filter. Ensure your furnace is functioning as it should to keep your home cozy no matter what the weather is like outside.

Your furnace’s job is to move air throughout your home to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Although Vancouver has a mild climate compared to the rest of Canada, its temperatures can still vary quite a bit. That means your home’s furnace will be in use for most of the year. To make sure the air flow through your home is as efficient as possible, check that your furnace filter is in good shape.

Why change your filter?
Your furnace filter may seem like a thin rectangle that does not do much, but it actually does a lot. That rectangle plays a considerable role in how well your furnace maintains the quality of the air inside your home.

As your furnace works, its filter collects airborne particles, like dust, that you would have otherwise inhaled. After some time though, too many particles can clog the filter, making it difficult for air to pass. That means your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home. This leads to higher energy costs and poorer air quality.

How often should you change your filter?
There are a few factors that will affect how often you should change your filter. The general rule is every three months or with the start of every season. This is typically the point that the filter has collected enough debris to require a new filter before it starts to overwork your furnace. This is just the general guideline, though. Other circumstances might require you to change your furnace filter more often. Here are some things that could cause your filter to clog up faster:

  • Construction – If you renovated your home recently, live in an area that is under construction, or live with someone who does a lot of woodworking, your home is bound to have more dust. This means your furnace will get dirty quickly and need to undergo more frequent filter changes.
  • Pets – Having furry family members can make a house feel like a home, but it can also make it less clean. Most animals have dander that can easily become airborne and end up clogging furnace filters quickly. Long-haired breeds, especially, increase the amount of hair that ends up in your filter as well.
  • Smoking – If people smoke inside your home, you will need to change your furnace filters more often than every three months.
  • Filter Type – Furnace filters are rated based on efficiency. The higher its rating, the more particles it will be able to remove from the air. But, that also means it will need to be changed more frequently since it can collect more particles.

Every home is different with different people that have different lifestyles. All of these factors will affect how often you need to change your filter. The best way to know for sure when to change it is by checking regularly.

If you think your furnace needs more maintenance than a filter change, call Blue Planet Plumbing. We specialize in furnace repair in the Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby areas.

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