Tips to prevent toilet clogs

Of all the household issues, a clogged toilet is bound to ruin your peace of mind the most. Clogged toilets are not only messy but can also result in damage to flooring, piping and not to mention the stench that they create throughout the home. If the clog does not clear by itself or through simple home remedies, be ready to bear expensive repair costs and discomfort. So what can be done to keep toilets clog free? For starters, remember that toilets are a place for disposing of human waste and flushable toilet paper only. Anything else that goes in, you are bound to experience the horrendous clog. Here are our top tips to make sure that you stay away from toilet clog woes.

Know what to flush

Homeowners often flush many waste material such as facial tissues, napkins, feminine hygiene products, floss, coffee grounds, and hair, not realizing that these potentially cause clogs. As these materials enter your pipes, they tend to block any other material that you flush afterwards. This is how a clog is formed. It can be hard to determine what can and can’t be flushed. Often you see products in the market that are labelled as flushable but may actually not suitable for flushing in home toilets. If you want to find out for sure, here is our little trick. Fill two bowls with water and put toilet paper in one bowl. In the second bowl, immerse the flushable categorized product. If you swirl them around in the bowl and leave them for an hour, you will know what is and isn’t flushable. Anything that doesn’t completely disintegrate in water is not flushable.

Improper flushing

Did you know that the act of flushing incorrectly is a potential cause of clog? Flushing too much material down the drain can cause a clog, especially by curious kids sneaking in and trying to see what happens to their toys when flushed down the toilet. If you have kids, make a point to show them how to flush correctly and not overdo it. Also, educate them to use an only limited amount of toilet paper so that excess doesn’t form a big block and clog the toilet pipe.

Keep clear toilet tanks

Whether it is a home toilet or a public restroom, more than often we observe that extra toilet rolls are often left on the toilet tanks. We realize that it is for quick and easy access if you run out of toilet paper. But such storage can actually be detrimental as these items can be easily knocked off from over the tank into the toilet and can be a potential cause of a huge clog. Make sure to keep your toilet tanks clear. Do not store extra toilet paper, tissue boxes, jewellery, etc. on top of your toilet tank.

Addressing a slow flush draining

One of the first signs of a possible clog is when the water recedes or drains rather slowly. It is a definite indication that the pipe is getting clogged and needs attention. If you notice such a slow drain, refrain from repetitive flushing and call in an experienced and licensed plumber from Blue Planet Plumbing. Our expert crew can help you to get complete relief from any kind of plumbing issues. Fixing a problem such as a clogged toilet upon its first signs can save you expensive repairs in the long run.

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