Water Heaters

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Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks can be electric or natural gas. These tanks can be sized according to the demand in the building. Cold water is supplied to the tank at the bottom of the tank through a dip tube and stored within the tank. The cold water is heated by the gas burner. As the water heats up, it naturally rises and is drawn off by the hot water discharge pipe. A safety relief valve located on the hot water tank ensures the regulated pressure. Most applications should be installed with a expansion diaphragm tank for the expansion of systems. High pressures can generate with the tank type water heater   This can be a safety concern to the home and occupants. Regular service is advised for safety precaution and the efficiency of the unit.

On-Demand Tankless

The process of a on-demand system is that it heats the water as you need it, instead of continually heating water stored in a tank. On-demand heaters popularity has grown due to the fact of saving money on your monthly bills while at the ­same time conserving natural gas. Tankless heaters also last longer than a tank heater, take up much less space and provide you with an unlimited amount of hot water.  These units need to be serviced annually for preventative maintenance. 

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