Why You Need to Replace or Repair Your Water Heater

Having hot, running water is an essential part of our everyday life. A lot of pressure is put on our water heaters for function as efficiently as possible to match our needs, so when rusting or leaks appear, it’s important to deal with them immediately. Here are five reasons as to why you may need your water heater replaced or repaired.

It’s Too Old

Water heaters don’t last forever, which is why you’ll find that you’ll need to replace the one in your home at some point if you’ve been there for a decade. Many homeowners don’t know when their water heaters need to be replaced, which is a major risk to their health and home. Its lifespan rests somewhere between eight and ten years but could need replacing before or after the recommended timeline.

To learn how old your water heater is, find the serial number usually located on the upper half of the water tank. The beginning of the number starts with a digit that corresponds with a month: D for April, G for July and I for September. The two digits following the letter signify the year it was manufactured.

Rusty Water

Steel might be one of the strongest materials on earth, but it still has its weaknesses, one of them being rust. Not only does the presence of rust mean that the water heater is becoming structurally unstable, but it will eventually lead to water leakage. Rust can get into your water supply and needs to be dealt with immediately. This is an inevitability with water heaters that have past their prime.

Weird Noises

As your water heater ages, you’ll notice that it’ll start making more and more of a rattling noise while it heats up your water. Age and the amount of hot water that’s used within the household are primary factors in causing that unsettling noise. Other causes for noise sounding from your water heater may be due to sediment build up not allowing the system to function properly which creates strain, or additional damage like cracking that’s starting to form.


Not only does a leaking water heater signify the possible age and degradation of the system itself, but it can also cause damage to your property depending on its location. Causes for a leaking water heater can range from fractures in the metal to pressure overflow in the pipeline. It’s important to have your heater repaired or replaced by a professional before mould and other damage occurs.

No Hot Water

Having accessible hot water in the home is a necessity these days. Unless you enjoy the feeling of cold water during your showers or while washing the dishes, hot water isn’t an easy thing to live without when you’ve become used to having it around. Here are three possibilities as to why your water heater has lost heat: having a misadjusted thermostat, a heating element is damaged or your water tank isn’t efficient for the size of your home.

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